South Florida 954 Cars

South Florida 954 Cars
Branding, Printing, Logo Redesign, Website Design, Flyers, Envelopes, Folders, Letterheads, Signs
Wordpress / Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop

Case Study

South Florida 954 Cars was a client with several years in the market of the auto dealers.

They needed a complete re-branding adjusting to the latest tendencies in design, and marketing.

We redesigned their logo,and stationery design based in the aggressive look of the sport cars.

Using some color psychology we defined the black as the high end/elegant color and red for the excitement of the sport cars, we added carbon fiber textures on the stationery design to enhance their sport look.

Also we told them how to paint their location so the new look was everywhere


  • Our experience was great, thank you for helping us create our company presentation.

    Diana S.

    Sf954 Cars
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