Keycode Usa

Keycode Usa
E-commerce / Web Design - Quickbooks/Fedex/Usps/Ebay Integration
Wordpress / Woocommerce / Quickbooks / Ebay
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Case Study

Our client requested to create a new site based on his old e-commerce site.

We performed a full migration of the contents, to  Woocommerce and connected it to Ebay to allow them to publish their products and manage the same stock for their website, local and Ebay sales, with seamless syncing.

Then, we added full syncing capabilities with Quickbooks Pos, allowing them to update their stocks, prices, products and accounting in a seamless way.

We added Paypal, and Amazon payments, as their payment methods and integration with Fedex and Ups online systems.

Customer Shopping Cart Recovery, Newsletters, Mailchimp integration, Dealers Location system, and custom development also were added.



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    Andres Nuñez

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